1st - 4th November 2022

Riverside Majestic Hotel - Putri Wing/Astana Wing, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia



Over the past two years, the Covid 19 pandemic has frequently forced us to isolate themselves from others. It is a sad state of affairs for humans, who are essentially social beings. Even technology cannot truly replace the comforting presence of colleagues and friends, and particularly family members. The sense of being alone, whether or not explicitly expressed, can be disorientating at the very least, and for those with problems, it may be painful and even frightening. Staying away from others is required of almost everyone at the moment. Paradoxically, therefore, everyone is going through the situation of being alone, together.

This paradox, however, is not unique to a covid-ridden world; it is merely felt more keenly because of the globally enforced restrictions. Many people have in fact felt ‘alone’ in different ways throughout their lives, when they face illness, tragedy, loss, hopelessness, humiliation, and other challenges. In reality, they are not on their own as there are others who share their experiences, but not everyone is able to grasp that perspective. 

How can vulnerable individuals or organisations that feel alone gain strength from the awareness that they are in fact not alone? How can they be helped to learn from others like them? How can members of society be united even in isolation? What can be done to help individuals and organisations stand resolute on their own, but to do so together? Ironically, in this pandemic-hit world, people need to work together but also need to observe distancing and isolation as new norms. The role of counsellors and counselling in helping society manage this paradoxical situation mentally and emotionally is more crucial now than ever.  This conference provides a platform for the sharing of thoughts, insights and practices on what counsellors can do to help society function cognitively and emotionally within the co-existing but dichotomous states of isolation and togetherness.

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Standing Alone Together: Managing the Paradox

Counselling Ethics

(Etika Kaunseling)

Counselling Intervention & Skills

(Kemahiran dan Intervensi Kaunseling)

Counselling Supervision

(Penyeliaan Kaunseling)

Teaching and Learning in Counselling

(Pembelajaran dan Pengajaran Kaunseling)

Multicultural Counselling

(Kaunseling Pelbagai Budaya)

Career Counselling

(Kaunseling Kerjaya)

School Counselling

(Kaunseling Sekolah)

Organisational Counselling

(Kaunseling Organisasi)

Mental Health Counselling

(Kaunseling dan Kesihatan Mental)

Rehabilitation Counselling

(Kaunseling dan Pemulihan)

Family, Adolescents & Children Counselling

(Kaunseling Keluarga, Remaja, dan Kanak-kanak)

Testing & Measurement Counselling

(Pengukuran dan Pengujian Kaunseling)

Technology in Counselling

(Teknologi dalam Kaunseling)

Spiritual Counselling

(Kaunseling Kerohanian)

Counselling and Human Resource

(Kaunseling dan Sumber Manusia)

Wellbeing Counselling

(Kaunseling Kesejahteraan)

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